Sunday, January 1, 2017

Walking in the New Year.

I spent New Year's eve organizing.
I put my unfinished jewelry projects into a box.

Like this necklace, which is just a string, with no ends.

This week at work had its highs and lows.
The new staff is more fun to hang around with than the other folks.

Unfortunately on Wednesday or Thursday, a homeless man we all know, stole a bunch of iPads from the school.

I got New Years Eve off and Monday (tomorrow) off. Today I worked a few hours.

I noticed that no one threw away their trash again.
My eyes and throat started to itch. Was I getting the cold that's going around?


Somebody got the bright idea to use one of the industrial restroom deodorizers and put in on my cubicle wall, just a few feet away from me.

I didn't notice it until I closed up to go home, and it was quiet, and it went "pffft."

I put it in the kitchen over the trash can.

When I left the office, the fresh air outside smelled like the sea, and the sky was full of puffy clouds.

I knew I had to go to the beach to take pictures.

This time I went to the Newport Back Bay area, off of Irvine Blvd.

A lot of people had the same idea.
The designated cul-de-sac was full of cars, and there wasn't any parking.

A lot of people and I parked in a business, a no-parking zone, but I took the chance they wouldn't tow my car on New Years Day.

The clouds went away, so the sunset wasn't really colorful.

The sun was very bright and the sky in most of my pictures were over exposed.

Most were like this one, the foreground was so black:

I masked the whole lower half and brought it up like 50% in order to get any detail.

The jets taking off from John Wayne always freak me out.
At least they have a nice soggy place to land if something should go wrong...

I did see what appeared to be an old propeller airliner.

I can't help being fascinated by the jets.

Kind of like watching sharks. I don't want to get too close.

I got a lot of exercise walking around.

Later I bought more storage boxes and some really cute buttons at Jo-Ann's.
Buttons were 50% off with a coupon.

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