Thursday, January 5, 2017

Love my days off

Today started out rainy. I'm glad the drought is halfway fixed.
It looked kind of gloomy but I love gloom!

Today I took an art class at Catalyst Art Studios, part of Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster.

It was a Mixed Media class with artist Jacki Long.
You can find her blog here:

I'm definitely not a morning person, so most of the day was a warm up.
I made some small collages.

I like being around creative people.
It's fun to be free and make a mess and not feel self-conscious about it!
It's great therapy.

For some reason everything had butterflies in it.

It must be the after-affects of watching the Rose Parade.

Jacki reads my blog, and asked me about my green car, and I tried not to worry about it.
It's not supposed to be done until the 15th.
It took him 2 weeks to do just the bumper on the Red car, and I worried too much about that one, and it turned out great.
Also in the interim, Don the mechanic went to see him about his son's car, and the painter quoted him a LOT more (But Don doesn't speak fluent Spanish and the painter probably doesn't know Don is my friend)
I am not going to worry about it YET...

It cannot end up as badly as the COLORBLIND 1-Day Paint and Body PERSON did to my car 10 years ago.
"Waste Management" Green, was the car club's consensus. ( That place closed not long afterward. )

Jacki gave me 2 Sundance catalogs, and I managed not to get into them until I got home.
Right away I saw this awesome bracelet and tried to copy it:

I guess I'm trying to learn something by copying successful artists.

A lot of the jewelry I admire in the Sundance Catalog, (including this one,) is by artist Jes MaHarry.
Here is a link to her website at Sundance:

I really ought to take an actual jewelry or metalworking class...

I already had this blank charm bracelet:

It didn't take more than an hour to assemble it, since I already had a lot of similar beads ready to go from the last project I did.

It's way more colorful than anything I would have come up with on my own.
(I always want everything to match.)

I gave it to Mom.
She is doing OK, but I wish she would try to sit up and move around more.

I'm not a writer, but I'm always daydreaming of story ideas and character names.
I could spend all day just thinking about character names!
And fantasy worlds and idyllic islands where they all could live.

Just now, I decided I wanted to translate a word into all different languages, to come up with a name.

Somehow I found myself on this page:

It's great to have a day off.

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  1. Love having you in class, can you tell?
    Glad you had a good day off too.
    I think your bracelet came out terrific!
    Maybe try writing a short story, then you could illustrate it?