Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Why am I still awake?

Today I got up early because I was worried about the church newsletter.
Luckily, I was able to talk to some one on the phone and got the program set up, just in time.
So that's all fixed now, until it's time to move to a different computer.
I wish I could relax a little!

I'm still here at the office!
Things were slow, so I asked the new office manager if I could go on a candle-light march.

Every 28th, people celebrate the Feast of the Holy Innocents.
It commemorates the massacre of the children by King Herod while trying to find Jesus.
People pray for innocent children who passed away, but it's also for praying for anyone.

It wasn't very exciting, but it was a nice night to walk in the neighborhood.

Before work this morning, I was busy doing all kinds of things.

I looked up more jewelry ideas online.

I saw something like this necklace (and a lot of other neat accesories) on this website:
So I made another necklace:

The other day I went to Hobby Lobby and I found a lot of buttons.
I found these silicone candy molds for only $2.99 each.

The molds are not too deep or too wide, which I found keeps them from breaking up as you fill them.
I also found colored glue sticks and more glow-in-the dark glue sticks.

The colored glue sticks got used up very fast!
I tried using two glue guns with two different colors at the same time:

I remembered the last time I used hot glue in the molds, I was trying to make something that resembled jade, by mixing clear glue with powdered pigment.

Mixing the green and the glow-in-the dark glue sticks made something that looked more like jade.

I don't like the crayon-colors of the glue sticks, but mixing it with clear or white glue seems like it's going somewhere better.
Still not sure what to do with all these little pieces of plastic...

Tomorrow is Thursday, another day off!

Next, I have a huge roll of solder to try out in the candy molds.

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  1. I love hearing of all your projects!
    I almost commented on your last post that ...
    most of the things we worry about never happen
    and if & when they do happen, life goes on.
    That's old age speaking! ;o)Oh that sounds lie a blog?