Monday, December 12, 2016

Virgin of Guadalupe festival, part 1

The 11 and 12th of December is fiesta time at the church where I work.
There is a big celebration for the Virgin Mary, who appeared to a native in Mexico in 1531.

Last week, the altar was decorated with huge paper flowers.

On the 11th and the 12th, people bring flowers to the altar with the image of the Lady of Guadalupe.

Part of the story is that when the bishop didn't believe that the Virgin appeared to the peasant Juan Diego, the Virgin caused a miracle of flowers to appear.

The church is open 24 hours until late night on the 12th.

In between services, musical groups sing and dance down the aisle in processions.
Many people can't make the pilgrimage to the shrine in Mexico, so they go to their local church.

People bring flowers and candles, and statues to be blessed.

They build a big stage outside, where groups will sing and dance.

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  1. This is wonderful Julie! I love that you shared this with us. ♥