Saturday, December 24, 2016

Before Christmas

On Friday morning, I took the car to the painter.
We spent a while going over the details again.
The minor dents and places with rust, and which pieces to be taken off, etc.

I am going to have it painted dark green again, as close to the color it was supposed to be
(about two shades darker than the lower panels in the picture.)

Green is not my favorite color for a car.
Everyone said why don't you paint it black, then?
But it would upset me to paint it black when the engine bay was still green inside.
Green was a color in 1992, when this car was made.
Cars these days don't seem to have any color at all.

I took a before picture:

The painter said it will be ready around the 15th.
I don't miss the car much yet, it's nice to have a wide open driveway!

Friday was a long day again, and I didn't draw anything, again.

The church will be open on the 24th and 25th and I volunteered to work.
But I'm looking forward to having Monday and Thursday off next week.

Some pictures of the decorations in the church:

I wasn't involved in the decorating, but it's inspiring to see so much creativity all around.

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  1. A beautiful church Julie. Wishing you & your family a Merry Christmas.♥