Monday, December 26, 2016

A necklace. Just another day at the office.

Last week, I took an art class with artist Jacki Long.

Jacki remembered that I liked looking at the jewelry in the Sundance company catalog, so she gave me some new catalogs.
I once spent almost a whole class looking at the catalog instead of making it into a collage!

This morning before work, I found the catalogs, and looked at them for inspiration.

I decided to try and copy this necklace:

(All respect due to the designer!)

I gathered together some beads and chain that resembled the ones in the picture:

I didn't get very far when I realized I needed to go in to work very soon.

Luckily, near my beads I found a necklace I never finished. It was another idea I had copied from the Sundance catalog, so it was very similar.

All I had to do was attach the pendant parts. I got about halfway done.
I wore it to work.

At the office, there have been many changes.
Since I am not the new office manager, there is some major cleaning going on, of the previous manager's things.

I never know what I will find next.
Today I saw these lovely flowers, left over from the Virgin of Guadalupe festival on the 12th.

(I wasn't inspired to paint them in a picture.)

I also discovered a CD in the trash.
(FYI, putting a trash bag into the trash can makes it easier to throw the trash into the bin outside.)

The CD was the driver and installation instructions for the printer on the desk right above it.

The printer works just fine...
I'm too tired to try to figure out what the CD was doing in the trash.
It must have fallen in to the trash from the drawers on the other side of the office.

Luckily I have Monday off.

I'm sure I will be in a much better mood when I get back on Tuesday!
(Unless the dead flowers are still there...)

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