Friday, December 2, 2016

A little drawing, Sparkleballs.

Today was a windy day!

At work the wind blew the office door open, and scattered the paper everywhere.
It blew a parking lot gate closed and it hit a car, but there wasn't any serious damage.

All week I have been getting up extra early for no reason.

I've been able to do more cooking and cleaning around the house.

Today, I was surprised to see that my drawing room was somewhat organized.
(I could see the floor again)
I even drew some doodles in my sketchbook.

I dreamed that I was in a beauty contest and my competitor knocked me down.
My dress got dirty and there wouldn't be enough time to change it in time for the contest.
I think that's why I decided to draw these fashion ladies.

This week, everyone has been putting up Christmas decorations.
I haven't got around to putting up any at home.

Some of the Solo Cup light ornaments I've made over the years, have begun to fall apart.
I made a blog about how to make them, last year.
(The ones I made last year are sturdier than my initial attempts.)

(There are other instructions online. Look up Sparkle balls, or Solo Cup light ornament.)

Last year, I found some shot-glass sized cups, and thought about making a ball in different dimensions.
I didn't get around to it until this year.

I reinforced the inside of the ball with hot glue.

Unfortunately I ran out of this size shot-glass cups and I forgot where I got them!
I think they came from Dollar Tree.

I only had enough to make 2/3 of a ball.

I found similar cups at the 99 cents store (the pink ones), but they have a slightly different angle, and will make a different, wider curve when assembled together.

In other words, if the cup is too narrow, the ball will be too big.

Also my light strings had a green wire and I wanted a white wire.

I gave the green wire lights to the seminary student at the office, and he was happy.

I will post some pictures of the decorating going on around the church, soon.

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