Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stuff from Daiso

Yesterday I left my portable hard drive at work, so when I got home I didn't have any pictures for the blog...

On Sunday I went to Daiso, the Japanese dollar store.
I found all kinds of neat things, besides the fill-your-own tea bags.
Everything costs about $1.50.

This sushi tray is a good place to put my jewelry:

I found a large pill box that could hold some extra small beads:

Colored suede cord:

Black high-temperature glue sticks!

The silicone molds that I've been trying to fill with solder, are actually meant to be filled with this kind of glue.

I didn't like the other glue stick colors they had, white, and a "brown" that was actually brick colored

These tiny glass whales are for resting your chopsticks so they don't touch the dirty table!

They will make my new favorite earrings.
I just have to figure out how to wrap a wire around them for a hanger.

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