Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Some pictures from the HB pier

I noticed that my blogs are getting long and rambling.
I'm going to try to blog more often, so I'm not trying to fit a week's worth of activities on one page.

Mom is doing OK.
Now that she has finished most of her cancer treatment, and is taking less drugs, her blood sugar levels have become regular again and she almost doesn't need insulin anymore.

However today, Dad seemed to think she has developed a cough...

She still isn't walking but she does more and more every day.

On Sunday I was determined to go to the pier again.
It is a good change of scene and a chance to walk.
It was cold and windy and fit my mood.

This time of year there are often great sunsets, because of the rain clouds.

There were no surfers in the water, because of the recent storm.
There were more photographers than usual.

I guess they are taking pictures of the pier with the sun setting behind it.
(I will have to go down to the water and try that view, next time.)

I don't have any photo editing programs on my computer right now, so these really came out nice.
It's amazing how nature can make something that its more beautiful than one could imagine.

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  1. Great pictures Julie, and so glad your Mom is doing well.