Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pearl Ex and hot glue in mold. I painted in my journal for once!

Yesterday, I was more determined than usual to paint in my journal.

I found this teapot.
I thought it would make a nice, simple shape to begin with.

I sketched it out a little.

I painted it by spreading acrylic paint with a credit card, like a palette knife.
While I was painting, I thought about whether or not I had forgotten how to paint.

I guess I remember something...

Today I noticed that everyone seemed to be in an extra good mood...
Maybe now that we know the results of the election, people can start thinking about other things?

After work last night, I noticed a beautiful jade flower pendant that a character was wearing in a TV show.
(I postponed watching Dark Shadows, and now I'm watching American Horror Show.)

I wondered if  I could make my glue stick melts look like jade?
I don't have light green glue sticks, but I have a lot of glitter and paints.

I also have some powdered pigment called Pearl-Ex.
If you touch it, it looks like powdered eye shadow. If you stir it into paint, it is like a dye.

I dropped some Pearl-Ex powder into the silicone molds.
I had metallic green, and metallic pink.

I had no idea what would happen.
I can't stir the powder into glue once it's in the mold.
Would it just float on the top of the glue, or would it color the glue?

To test the Pearl-Ex, I washed the shapes with soap and water.
The powder seems to be stuck good, (and not going to get all over you when you touch it)

I used the white glue stick and then the  nearly-clear glue stick, too.
That had a totally different effect with the exact same pearl colors.

I was really happy with the result.
They actually look like potential jewelry items, instead of clumps of glue.

Here's a comparison using a glitter glue stick, compared to applying Pearl-Ex to a mold:

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