Friday, November 11, 2016

Menudo. Big waves

Tonight I am making Menudo.

It occurred to me that Menudo is a traditional hangover cure and I haven't made any this year for Mom, and I'm sure the chemo is giving her a hangover.

This is about my 4th or 5th attempt at Menudo.
I have eaten all kinds of traditional Mexican foods made by authentic experts, and I can't come close to replicating it.
It is one of those things that you can't really follow a recipe, I guess!

Last week was Mom's last session of going for a chemo treatment at the hospital!

She will be taking lesser strength pills, for a few more weeks.
She is doing great, the tumor is out of sight in the latest MRI's, but I hope the reduced medication will help her feel more like getting out of bed.

Today I am roughly following these two Menudo recipes:

The last time I tried Menudo, I used a beef foot instead of pork feet.
I don't like to combine species, but maybe there's something to it?

Here's the tripe and pig's foot boiling.

I love tripe, and offal, and have had ALL kinds.
If I really have a craving, I'd just cook the tripe and then add pasta sauce! Italian style.

If you want something similar, Pozole is a stew like Menudo, all the work without the tripe.

The dried chili I found in the spice cabinet, (reconstituting in the bowl) (see recipe) is Ancho/Poblano instead of Pasilla but some recipes differ.
I will also add dried California chili powder and a Serrano chili. Not more than 1 Serrano. Also fresh Oregano from my patio.
These are all going to the blender (except the hominy) and then added to the last simmer.

Menudo takes about 4 hours.

I'm still new to blogging and absolutely not a cook.
Sometimes only the dogs get to eat my experiments.
Today was just something more unusual.

The surfing guy I follow on YouTube, Mike Lucas Media, has some cool videos of a recent set of big waves.

Nov. 9, viewing the waves from the shore:

Then the same waves from the surfers POV:

There's a lot of surf videographers, but for some reason this one seems to remind me the most of my own memories of going to the beach and watching surfers.

I also like that he posts his raw video too, so I can wonder about his editing process.


  1. Really interesting Julie! I made my first batch of kombutcha yesterday, it will be ready in 7 - 10 days!

  2. Wow, that's fermented tea, right? That will be fun!