Monday, November 14, 2016

Made earrings from buttons.

Today I made earrings from buttons again.
Yesterday my computer informed me that Jo-Ann's beads were all 70% off.
Unfortunately, I'm not doing any projects with beads this week, and have too many already.

I went anyway, but avoided the bead sale.

I bought another candy mold.
I was really intrigued by the coral shape at the top.

I found myself in the button aisle. Jo-Ann's has a whole aisle of buttons!

Some of their buttons are hand painted or made of shell, and cost more than $8 for a pair!

I was just interested in the making process, so I stuck to buttons in the $2.50 range.

At home I used a pliers to cut the backs off.
Nail clippers also help remove the loop on the back of the button.

Use safety glasses because the pieces will fly everywhere.

Some of the findings were already flat on the back.

I also used a regular nail file to rough up the back, so the glue would stick.
Some of the findings were slightly concave.
I had an angled filing tool from a set of tools that are used to make holes in beads larger.

Earring post backs are cheap and come in different sizes.

I was disappointed to find that my favorite buttons of the bunch, made of clear acrylic, had a unique back that didn't look like it wanted to be chopped up:

I will have to figure out a different project for them.

You can use just about any kind of super glue or jewelry glue.

These glues are all very toxic, and I let them rest about a day.

It is best to let them rest on their faces to let the backs dry straight.
I found these old silvery plastic snowflakes in a tray of beads, and put a back on them too.

I found that for rounded earrings, or finger rings, you can rest them to dry face down in a tray of beads.

I only found one package of these acrylic Christmas light buttons.
All I had to do was attach a earring back:

If I had more I think I could really make gifts out of them, but giving things away, or selling stuff is something I'm still working on...

My phone's camera couldn't capture a clear picture of tonight's Supermoon.
I used the Pastel effect:

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  1. I enjoy seeing what you are up to, so glad you blog! ♥