Saturday, November 5, 2016

Earrings, a silicone ice cube tray, a flower

When it rains, it pours.

It was a busy day.
I attached a wire to the glass whales I got at Daiso and made earrings.

They are more than 1" long.
I had to take them off after an hour, because they are too heavy!
I can always put them on a chain.

I looked up ideas online about what to do with my hot-glue trinkets.
There were a lot of picture frames encrusted with flowery trinkets.
Definitely not my style.

On some one's blog, I saw a picture of a silicone ice-cube tray.
I had one of those! I got it at the dollar store a few years ago.

I didn't really like the ice cubes that it made.
I'd been using it as a door stop.
I decided to try filling it with something other than water.

I didn't want to waste my colored glue sticks on such a big piece, so I used ordinary translucent glue and different kinds of glitter.

They would have made nice Day of the Dead skulls for somebody's decorating!

Unfortunately, I had to go to work before it dried...

When I got to work, I met some plumbers leaving.
Some old pipes had burst in the ceiling of some one else's office.

I would have felt worse about it, but everyone knows about those old pipes, and nobody wants to pay to fix it.
Just like nobody wants to install air conditioning, or even buy a friggin' $300 window unit.

Coincidentally, the office belonged to the financial manager.

I had some time at work and I wanted to draw something.
My first choice when I'm uninspired is to try to draw a flower.
There are always flowers growing at the church.

Today I picked the first Camellia of the season.
Tsk! Said the student who tends the gardens, when he caught me.

I never got around to drawing, but I took a picture using one of the phone's camera settings.
"Oil pastel"

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