Monday, November 21, 2016

Dry spell

Last week, I didn't get anything artistic done.
I had to send the church newsletter to the printers on Friday instead of later today, because this week is Thanksgiving.
It didn't help that I had to share my computer station with the new office manager.

I turned down the job as office manager because I felt like I couldn't take on any more responsibilities... Maybe I could spend more time with Mom and also focus on my art.

I am sure the bright side is right around the corner.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting two days off this week.

Last week, I did use the newer silicone mold with solder:

I liked these shapes the best of all, but still don't like them enough to make jewelry.

Yesterday, (Sunday,) I went back to Daiso.
I bought a lot of neat things. Maybe I'll blog about them next time.

It rained so I really couldn't go anywhere, at least not very fast.

Neither car is very well adapted to the rain.
The red car has all original and drum brakes and narrow tires with no tread left on them.
The green car has a lot of muscle...

Drifting is fun if you're the only person on the road...

I found a marker and drew a grid in my sketchbook.

I wanted to put water on it.
The jar of water on my desk had dried up.

I made a kind of collage in the grid with things laying around on my desk:

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  1. You've always been good with grids Julie! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your parents. ♥♥♥