Monday, October 31, 2016

The weekend, pt 1. Day of the Dead Altars.

I did too many things this weekend to fit into one post, so I'm going to split it up!

On Saturday, I got up early and took more pictures of the koi.

Dad fixed a pipe that wasn't big enough, so now the waterfall pump is really strong, and the water is filtering really good.
I took too many pictures to post. They will be great subjects to paint, someday.

Later, I went to visit Don the mechanic and his son Kevin.
My green car needed a little "something" so that it would pass the smog test.
They were out of town the last few Saturdays.
My tags say "Oct" so I really needed to do this!

Kevin was able to do what needed to be done, and I went to the smog station.

I was very nervous, because the green car has all kinds of modifications.
It is all supposed to be smog legal, but if the technician doesn't like the way something looks, he can decide not to test the car at all, or tell you to change it!

Luckily this didn't happen. It did take them over an hour to go over everything in detail.
The car passed, barely, and I am good for another 2 years.

If I had more time, I would have visited the paint shop, but it was time for work...

At the church on Saturday night, people built altars for the Day of the Dead.

The day is actually tomorrow, November 1, but they made the altars for people to see them after the Mass on Saturday and Sunday.

Celebrating the Day of the Dead is something that I have learned about while working at the church. My mom's Mexican side of the family didn't have this custom.

People place photographs, food, flowers and other things on a table or altar, to remind them of their departed loved ones.

These altars can be really elaborate.

Usually, these altars are made at the cemetery.

At night, they are lit up with candles, battery powered lamps, and even electrical lights!

I'm still getting used to my phone's camera, but this one came out great:

Next time:
Sunday, I went to Daiso, and the HB pier!

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  1. Busy girl! great pics, especially that koi, WOW!!