Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dark Shadows. Green Eggs and Guppies.

The past few days I've been binge watching Dark Shadows, the 1960's Gothic soap opera.
I am up to about episode 50 of maybe more than 200.
The episodes are really short. The actors mess up their lines a lot, but it's suspenseful.
They haven't gotten into anything supernatural yet.

Today I was inspired to wear a lot of black eyeliner and put my hair in a big bun like the 60's.
I didn't take a picture, but it was better than what I've been doing lately, which is no make-up.

While I'm watching, I can do something else, like string beads (and take care of Mom)
I made some more little stretch bracelets, and this long necklace.

I cheated a little, because the beads were already a random assortment like this, I just had to string them. I added a purple sparkle bead every 5 beads or so.

All day I kept comparing Dark Shadows to my favorite show ever, Twin Peaks.
Today in my recommended You Tube for me, was an interview with the stars!

I knew Twin Peaks was coming back, they announced it a few months ago, but seeing the interview makes it seem like it will really happen.

On Monday at the church, the resident student brought something from the neighborhood fish market.
He always brings in something cool. I need to figure out where the place is...
There are a lot of places (around OC, not just Santa Ana) that are really cool and ethnic and a little intimidating, but worth the effort.

I thought maybe these dried fish were for using in soup, like the dried shrimp you can find anywhere.

He said they are not for soup, they are fried with eggs!

To me they look like guppies or mosquito fish, but he said they were from the sea. Hmm.

Sure enough an hour later he had fried up a big batch of fried eggs, "guppies" and maybe green salsa.

On the one hand I am repulsed.
I grew up with a fish pond at home and I can't stand any kind of freshwater fish like Catfish or Tilapia, or even duck.
Not really out of sympathy, but because I fell into the dirty pond too many times and I can't stand the taste of pond water.
But I also love travel/cooking shows where people try local delicacies.
I'm sure it has a ton of good proteins...

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