Sunday, September 4, 2016

Posts about cars

I had separate blog about my two cars, but I wasn't posting to it enough.
I decided to start putting posts about my cars here.

The red car had been getting hard to start, and this week it would hesitate when moving from a stop.
A few days ago I took it to Don, the mechanic, to put a diagnostic tool on it, but nothing came up.

I just bought it last year, so it probably needed a tune up.
That's an inexpensive place to start troubleshooting.

The car needed to cool off after driving it to the mechanic, so I had to get up early on Saturday and hang out at the shop.

There is always something to see, and many friends come to visit Don at his shop.
I was happy to learn that he was leasing his shop for one more year.

Don was putting together this block for another client:

Before replacing the spark plugs, we put my car up on the rack and changed the oil:

It's handy to put the car up because you can inspect the underside for leaks and things.

After 2 or 3 hours, the motor was almost cool enough to work on. It still burned, but Don is a tough person.
Some of the plugs can be reached from on top and others from underneath, and some were really stuck tight.

I realized that although I had my previous Trans Am for 15 years, I had only had to do one or two tune ups on it. Once I got into racing (and blowing up motors) the spark plugs would be replaced with the new motor every two years or so.

The cap and plugs were definitely in need of changing. They corrode away and loose efficiency over time, and it had probably been years since the last owner changed them.

However, now that the car had sat awhile and had cooled off, it was still hard to start.
Don could see the problem was with a sensor, the IAC, a kind of spring-like sensor that adjusts the idle as the car warms up.

Don of course had a few used sensors laying around, because he works almost exclusively on these kind of cars.
Unfortunately none of them worked, so I will order a new one. It costs about $50 at AutoZone.
Luckily it is in a very easy place to get to.
Until then, the red car is drive-able, but disagreeable.

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  1. Wow! Intersting! I will look out at your car next time. ;o)e