Monday, September 5, 2016

Even longer, day off. Cars and hospital.

It seems like I am always working on my cars on my day off...
This morning I decided to try to change the Idle Air Control sensor.

Here is the inside of the red car.

The red car has a 305 and the base model features. It is not a carb although it looks like one.
This was kind of a transitionary motor between carb and fuel injected.
(The green car is also a 1992 and has the better setup.)

The interior of the round air cleaner actually has two fuel injectors.
I had to move it to get to the sensor. (Center of the picture)

I removed the old sensor. The new one looked exactly the same...
I don't know why, but it would only screw in halfway and then stop.

There was something red painted onto the threads. Maybe that was it?
I didn't want to force it in, because that could ruin the threads.

The old one will go in and out just fine.
I decided to wait and see what my mechanic said. He was out for the day.

Dad still had a cold so I spent the rest of the day at the hospital.

I found a rack of books in one of the dining areas. (Most hospitals have plenty of books to borrow.)
I found a romance set in the Regency era. I spent my day reading instead of drawing.

My smart phone reminded me I had not walked enough steps, so I got up and explored.

This hospital might be 100 years old, and every inch of wall has huge, blown-up photos from OC's past.

This one is in a restroom.

At noon there was a BBQ but by 7pm the place was mostly deserted.
There are a lot of recreation rooms and big comfy chairs.

I found a pool table but nothing and no one to play with.

A lot of rooms had big screen TVs with movies queued up ready to play, but nobody around.
I think this is a dining area in the daytime:

Nobody was watching Cast Away, but the menu screen was making a soothing ocean sound.

At the far end the dining area was a dark  room with a vending machine.
I was really inspired by this creepy old chair in there.

(Actually all the chairs in this place are old and creepy.)
I made a video of the chair hoping to catch a ghost in it.
Unfortunately I'm still having trouble uploading videos from this old laptop.

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  1. Thanks Julie, I enjoyed the tour! ;o) Shiny floors!