Sunday, September 4, 2016

Long Sunday

Today Dad had a cold, so I spent the whole day with Mom at the hospital.
I brought my sketchbook, but I didn't do much in there.
I didn't have any games on my laptop, so I learned how to download an App for the first time.

I came home for dinner and started working on some hammered wire earrings.
I'll finish them tomorrow.

On the way back to the hospital, I stopped at O'reilly's and picked up the sensor.
It took me awhile to remember what the motor in the red car was called.
(The red car has a TBI and the green car is a TPI.)

I asked them if they had solder. They didn't.
I have a multi-purpose heat tool and I am determined figure out how to solder.
I've seen people do it often enough...It's the next step in making my jewelry better.

At the hospital, I copied a picture from an old bridal magazine into Painter:

Here's a sketch:

I didn't want it to look as grotesque as the last face I did, so I stuck to tools I was familiar with, like oils.

A little farther along:

Mom was feeling much better, and using the controls on her bed for the first time to sit up and down.
She offered criticism on my drawing.
Even though I was sitting all the way across the room.
"Her neck is too long. Her face looks like a dog's snout. Make her chest bigger," she said.

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