Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Finally, drawing something in my journal

I bought a $20 wireless doorbell the other day.
I attached it to my mom's hospital bed, so that it would ring in my room so I could hear her if I was asleep.
Last night she was ringing every 15 minutes, so gave up and stayed up all night.

I started to clean the room where I do my drawing.
The calendar on the wall said July!

I found a pile of papers and in it was a page I took from a magazine back when Mom was in the hospital. It was an idea for earrings.

I came up with this:
It still needs a dangle thing at the end.

I also scribbled and painted and pasted things and stenciled in my journal:

My fingers turned blue. Hooray!

I copied a face from a magazine because I hadn't drawn any faces lately.

Afterward I slept all day.
I dreamed that something (I forget what) made me so mad, I punched my computer screen.
It broke the monitor screen. It was very realistic.

I also dreamed that half of my face was sunburned.
Maybe because I spent all day in the sun while playing with the car Tuesday?

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  1. Glad you were able to make some time for you & art, Julie! ;o)