Friday, September 2, 2016

A bracelet, a necklace, and a dragonfly

Today I woke up somewhat early.
I was dreaming that my mom was back at home and she was saying some nonsensical things.
Also, she was playing with a baby doll. She was talking about childbirth.
In the dream I felt kind of sad because my mom had a mental handicap.
I'm sure there are many deep meanings in my dreams but these days I'm just happy to know I slept.

I started out my day copying some jewelry from the Sundance.
These designs are not my property and I am not selling my jewelry or making a profit from it.

I copied this necklace:

made this:

I did't have a long, floral charm. The theme of the necklace was gardening, so sun, water, flowers.
I found an old charm from my school days, with a flower in resin that had turned yellow.
I wasn't excited by the result.
Perhaps if I had  exaggerated the difference in the chains.

I made this bracelet:

I really like these silver beads. I got them at Hobby Lobby recently and they are plastic.

I spent the day giving the dogs a bath and cleaning the garage where the dogs sleep.
This year a red dragonfly has been patrolling the fish pond.
I finally spent enough time outside to take a picture of it.

I took some videos too, but I came across some errors. I think it's this old laptop.
I've never posted a video before, either.

The dragonfly was very good at hiding, even though it was bright red.
It perched on the ends of stalks of flowers.
In the picture above it's on a Bird Of Paradise.

At the end of the day at work, I got a surprising phone call. It was Mom!
She sounded perfectly fine. She was calling from Dad's cell.
She asked me to bring something from the house. "It's in foil, in the kitchen."

I couldn't figure out what she wanted. It wasn't food.

In the end I guessed that she wanted one of those plug-in air fresheners because the hospital stinks.
At least, she sounded happy when I suggested it...

I was very emotional because she hasn't called me at work since June, I think.

In the end I couldn't find her air freshener and she was asleep when I got to the hospital.
I wonder if the hospital would allow an air freshener anyway?

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  1. Yea Julie! Stay strong.
    I pray for you and your family everyday and so admire your devotion and strength. Also you creativity that needs to pop out to help you. The dragonfly is stunning! STUNNING!!! I never knew tey could be red!
    Maybe enlarge it play with it? Maybe even try a grid of the parts? Or an abstraction? Or close-ups? Maybe? ♥♥♥