Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Paint on paper

This week, I got to spend more time at home with my mom.
I had time to do crafty things.
I picked some flowers with the idea of doing watercolors again, but they wilted in the heat before I could paint them.

Last year I took a class on making post cards and mail art, by artist Jacki Long at Catalyst art studio in Westminster, CA.
I spent the class mostly playing with paint in new ways, and never actually made anything to send!

I've been collecting in a shoe box: old index cards from school, free greeting cards that come in the mail, (they are rarely nice enough to actually send to anybody) and old postcard announcements of long-lost friends' art shows and plays.
With the idea of making an artistic post card one day.

The past few days I have been scraping acrylic paint onto these cards and things.
Just to move the paint around.
It's been awhile.

Index cards are just the right shape and thickness.

I feel like these need another layer of paint, or some collage, or just completely redone!

This one on top, feels like "something." Now what to do on the other side?

I had fun.

I've never mailed a post card before, even though I have to mail bills at home and many things at my church job.
Mostly marriage licenses, (we do 2 or 3 weddings a week at the church in the peak season) which have to be filled out and mailed to the court in a very strict format.
Otherwise they get returned and the bill is $25 to re-send it!
Absolutely no White-out!

I am apprehensive about sending something informal, like a painted postcard in the mail...

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  1. So glad you are trying some mail art again! It's quick and fun and someone will be thrilled to get your original artwork in the mail. ♥