Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Today I got up early. A passing cloud dropped some rain.
I'm glad it hasn't gotten hot yet, like last year.

My sunflower is finished.

 I bought more seeds. I wonder if it's too late to start a new batch?

At work, I sneaked in some drawing while everyone was busy in a meeting.

Things have been awfully stressful at work!
Last week, some one broke into the church and stole the sound system (a mixer and two huge speakers.)
The next day, we noticed the outgoing mail, (that had been sitting in a mail tray on the counter overnight) had been ripped open and scattered.
We weren't sure when it happened or how. Did someone do it quickly, while one of us left the front desk? We have some suspects, but not enough surveillance cameras to catch anyone.

Over the weekend, the same thing with the mail happened again.
I suddenly remembered that there were envelopes with money in a file cabinet and sure enough, when I looked it was gone.
When I looked closer, there were envelopes through the whole office that had been torn open!

We called the police, but once again they said they were too busy and to file the report online, and if they had some time, they would send some one...

(It took several days to investigate the theft of the speakers. When we offered a cell phone found at the scene, they said they couldn't do anything because we had touched it.)

The scary thing is that somebody didn't just grab the envelopes and leave.
They had plenty of time to search the cabinets and rip open the envelopes.

On the other hand, Mom is doing OK.
Last week she gave a bone marrow sample, and she will meet with the doctors Thursday, to hopefully begin chemo.

Her speech has been improving every day but her walking is still not good.

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