Saturday, May 14, 2016

Biopsy results, more flowers

Yesterday was a long day.
We went to the hospital to get the results of Mom's biopsy.
They officially called it non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
This was not a shock, because we already knew it was cancer.
However, this allows the doctors to schedule treatment, which will be a very rigorous chemotherapy.
First she will go through more scans next week, just to be sure there isn't any more cancer.

This week I had much more spare time and I was able to make a few drawings of flowers.

At work I found some small magnolia trees and picked a blossom.
I had never noticed blossoms on these trees, and this was the first time I tried drawing one.

It turned very brown the next day, before I had a chance to draw it.

(I guess I could use the photo of before it turned brown as a reference, but I just like to draw flowers from life.)

I liked the second drawing better:

Somebody left these huge, scented roses on the counter.
I don't like drawing very large roses.

No matter how hard I try, I can't imagine them smaller, so they don't fit on the page.
Also, this day I didn't have the right shade of cool red.
I think I even used an orange highlighter.

Today I picked some two-tone roses and drew them, although I wasn't feeling like it.

At least I got to do a little drawing this week.
It will be a while before I feel as though I have caught up with all the days I didn't make any art.

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  1. Maybe even a little is better than none at all? ♥♥♥