Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Typical Wednesday

Today I didn't do anything unusual.

I got some good news.
Several years ago, a homeless lady had collected 20 shopping carts on the church property.
One day, the city came and took her things away, and she came to complain to me in the office, and spit on me.
I got a restraining order for 3 years, but that expired last year.
She remained in the neighborhood, and once she realized the order had expired she came back, late last year.

I refused to go near her to get spit on again, so nobody was able to do anything.
But now the new office manager told me she was able to work something out with the city, and maybe they will be able to help her find a place to stay.

The mumbling cave man who followed me home last night, is probably still living in his front yard where he has been for 2 years.
The police said either call them while he is harassing me or stop walking at night.
I decided not to walk to work today.

I looked for flowers in the garden at work, to draw, but I could only find one camellia.
They usually bloom in January so this must be the last one.

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