Monday, February 22, 2016

Slow day at work. Is good.

Before work I strung together a beaded necklace.
I was trying to imitate stuff I have seen in the Sundance catalog.
They have many talented jewelry artists' profiles on their website!

I realized I didn't even have glass beads in the colors they used. So its all plastic!
I hope they forgive me, I'm just trying some new colors and ideas.
(I gave it to my mom.)

Today was amazingly slow day in the office.

Some people from the Register came to interview my pastor about the recent shootings in Santa Ana.
At first I was eager to talk to the reporters.
I have lived in this neighborhood my whole life. I have a lot of feelings and things to say.
But after a while I realized I didn't want to be quoted, or misinterpreted, so I said not to use my name.
(We'll see what, if anything, gets published.)

I was able to make two collage/paintings about some dreams I had (because dreams are more interesting than the flowers on my desk)

In one dream I was reading a fantasy novel.
I had a scarf that sparkled like the night sky, and I draped it all around the room to make it feel more fanciful.

The story was about an evil witch, and her son who fell in love with a princess.
Somehow the couple got turned into vampires, to escape the witch, and lived for hundreds of years ever after.

In another dream I was in a grade school art class, but I didn't finish making a collage.
We went on a field trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific.
The scientists had captured a giant electric eel. It was at least 20 feet long, in a huge tank.

They said the eel could shock you with 300,000 volts, and it's skin was also toxic to the touch.
I wondered how they captured it without touching it? With a net?

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