Monday, February 29, 2016


I've been busy at work, so no interior decorating today.

I had a chance to make a small collage about a dream.
I dreamed that a random friend came to visit.
She brought her pet bee. It was a regular honey bee, but I guess it was valuable.
We shut the bee in the patio with a dish of water, like if it was a dog or cat.

Somebody opened the door and the bee got into the house.
Much of the dream was running from the bee and trying to chase it back into the patio.
Eventually somebody slammed the door on the bee and crushed it.
My friend wasn't too upset, we spent the rest of the dream doing gardening.

Goodbye Tiger (and Frog)

This weekend I decided to repaint my bedroom.
Probably because I have a lot of better things to do (like a tune-up on the green car, or take an art class.)

Maybe about 5 years ago I painted the room a salmon pink, called Lotus Flower.
This limited my choice of curtains and beddings to be a warm color, usually pink and flowery.
Back then I was into the Shabby Chic thing.
I painted some of my old bedroom furniture antique white.
I also have a dark brown bed and bookshelf.

I also like gray, purple, and gold color schemes for bedrooms, and since it was time for new bedding I decided to do the whole thing over again.

Here is just one of many inspirations:

I love looking at room color schemes on Google!

I picked up a wall color in between gray and purple, called Aged and Ancient Purple, from Walmart.
(I had it mixed at Home Depot because I went there next, and I didn't like their colors.)

At first it looked too purple but as it dried it looked more neutral.
I only got about as far as the door.

Previously, the back of the door had a tiger I painted almost 20 years ago!

At one point I had an entire bedroom wall painted as a jungle mural.
I took a picture as a memento.

I repainted around those "shelves" I made for the nail polish.
Opposite the door.
I also bought a trim color, slightly warmer than Antique White.

Under the shelves had been an Ocelot.

I noticed something stuck to the wall by the floor.
I had taped a picture of a tree frog to the wall!

Did I want to copy it, or make a decoupage thing?
After I taped it, I forgot all about it, for all those years!

They are all gone now.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


I realized I hadn't had coffee since Monday and I think that's why I was lazy this week!

Today at work I had the whole day to myself, because most of the rest of the staff went to a big convention.

I must have been snoring in my sleep because I dreamed of a lion roaring.
It wasn't a scary dream.
I spent all afternoon painting and collaging this lion.

I copied the lion from Google.
I painted it with a credit card (like a palette knife) and then added details with a brush.
The background is a napkin from the Dollar Tree.

I was careless where I put the birds and now I regret it.
On the other hand I didn't want it to look like a Walton Ford painting?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Today I didn't make anything

Today I didn't do anything great.
I spent an hour separating my regular colored paper, from tissue paper and colored napkins.
I found some great things I hadn't seen in awhile, like paper from Daiso.
But I didn't make anything, after all.

The paper and tissue paper were all together in a cloth "cube."
I have a 5 x 5 cube shelf from Ikea. "Kallax"
The cube system looks great, but doesn't work for art supplies, or when you want something at the bottom of the cube.
It's mostly a book shelf now.

Before that I had stacks of crates, (the kind you use to store Christmas ornaments)
But you have to move each heavy crate to get to the one on the bottom.

I have found drawers to work much better.

I have about 25 plastic drawers like these, with different things, like "stickers" "tools" "wire" "stamps" "ink" "glitter" etc.

This year I found a better stackable drawer, and have gradually been switching to them.

(The old drawers I retired went to Work and they are being used for sorting paper and certificates.)

They are sold individually instead of sets of 3.
So far I can only find them at Target.
This size costs $7.99 each, and there is a crate sized one that costs $14 or so but I don't use it.
So far, I can stack more than 6 and they hardly sag, so the bottom drawer still opens.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Out Of Time

This week I found it difficult to manage my time.
I had plenty of ideas, but not enough time to draw or paint or blog about them!

On Tuesday I started this collage about a dream I had:

A salesman was trying to sell me Cable TV (or whatever) and I had to fill out a survey.
(I had lots of cable TV junk mail around. )

I added a little paint to it every day. That's about all I could manage to do.

Yesterday I started this collage about a dream I had about dying my hair:
I tried to dye it magenta, but it came out light blue and gray!
Then I tried to dye it red, and it came out yellow!

Today I made this collage about a dream I had about a party:
I was at this party and I had a can of Silly String.
Instead of foam streamers, the can produced icicles. Really nice icicles. I sprayed them all over.

The icicles began to melt and ran into the pool and ruined the water.
I looked at the can, but it said "Non-Toxic."
I was sure they were going to send me a pool-cleaning bill.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Slow day at work. Is good.

Before work I strung together a beaded necklace.
I was trying to imitate stuff I have seen in the Sundance catalog.
They have many talented jewelry artists' profiles on their website!

I realized I didn't even have glass beads in the colors they used. So its all plastic!
I hope they forgive me, I'm just trying some new colors and ideas.
(I gave it to my mom.)

Today was amazingly slow day in the office.

Some people from the Register came to interview my pastor about the recent shootings in Santa Ana.
At first I was eager to talk to the reporters.
I have lived in this neighborhood my whole life. I have a lot of feelings and things to say.
But after a while I realized I didn't want to be quoted, or misinterpreted, so I said not to use my name.
(We'll see what, if anything, gets published.)

I was able to make two collage/paintings about some dreams I had (because dreams are more interesting than the flowers on my desk)

In one dream I was reading a fantasy novel.
I had a scarf that sparkled like the night sky, and I draped it all around the room to make it feel more fanciful.

The story was about an evil witch, and her son who fell in love with a princess.
Somehow the couple got turned into vampires, to escape the witch, and lived for hundreds of years ever after.

In another dream I was in a grade school art class, but I didn't finish making a collage.
We went on a field trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific.
The scientists had captured a giant electric eel. It was at least 20 feet long, in a huge tank.

They said the eel could shock you with 300,000 volts, and it's skin was also toxic to the touch.
I wondered how they captured it without touching it? With a net?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Art and Culture in Santa Ana

Today I was invited to do an art demonstration at an event at my church.
I've never done anything like it.

I brought everything I needed to make a collage and paint, as well as everything I needed to show how to make a wire-wrapped bead ring.

The people organizing the event, Danny and Lupita Ramirez, brought some of their own art from home and made a beautiful display.

There were several groups of folkloric dancers.

The ladies knitting club from the Senior Center across the street, also attended.

I started a collage, but pretty soon everyone was gathered around watching me make rings.
I made these one time in the office, so I anticipated that they would want to try it themselves.
I had plenty of wire and two or three sets of pliers handy.

By the time the show was over, everyone else had packed up and left, and I had a crowd of ladies, children, and even two men making their own rings.

It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed getting feedback from people and also showed people in my community that it's easy and fun to make things.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Busy Friday

Today was a busy day for a Friday.
I had a chance to sketch the flowers on my desk.
This is in watercolor-crayon (Stabilo) and water.

I was invited to do an art demonstration at a cultural event at my church, tomorrow!

The director in charge wants me to do a painting demonstration.
They will give me a table.
I've never done a show or demonstration, so it's exciting.

I printed a couple copies of some previous things I have here on my blog, that I'll stick on some foam core to prop up.

Other people asked me to demonstrate a jewelry technique.
I did this in the office one day and it caused a real stir. Everyone likes to see me do this.
It's called making a ring by wrapping wire around a bead.
It doesn't take much but a bunch of wire and a bead.
It was an idea I copied from online, there are many versions of how to do this.
Here is one link.

I'm more excited about doing the rings than the painting demonstration.
The show is at least 2 hours long, so I can spend 1 hour doing 1 demonstration and 1 hour doing the other.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

All kinds of things

Today I got up late. I started to work on some earrings.

At the Mixed Media class with Jacki Long at Catalyst on Saturday, I found a great catalog full of clothing and jewelry called Sundance, I think.
I ended up daydreaming about the jewelry I saw in the catalog.

Today was the first day since Saturday that I had time to try to copy some of the ideas I saw.
I ran out of time before I could get very far.
Here is the wire, before and after I hammered it.
And a recent purchase, a smooth block and a better hammer!

I noticed that the wire and beads I had were not compatible.

Pretty soon I had to go to work.
I found a drunk man sound asleep in an office waiting area chair.
"He's your problem now," said my co-worker as she left.
I decided to let him sleep, because he seemed to need it.
After an hour he woke up, and luckily the person he needed to see walked in at that moment.

The week gets less busy toward the end. Today I had time to make a really good collage.
It is also based on a dream I had.
I was at an amusement park with two friends and their father.
The park was a combination of all the amusement parks I've been to.
I noticed I didn't like the roller coaster anymore.
After awhile my friends' dad decided he was tired.
He sat down in a booth that made engraved charms, and decided he was going to work there.
"Pick out whatever you like," he told us.

I was reluctant to pick out a charm, because they all cost hundreds of dollars.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another dream about fences and horses

Yesterday, I was super busy.
There are always more couples wanting to set their wedding dates after Valentine's day.
Also the office was closed on Monday.
I started to sketch the flowers on my desk yesterday, but I didn't get very far.

Today there was an officer involved shooting a block away.
The street was closed, so maybe I didn't have as many people come to the office.

I made this collage about another dream I had.

In this dream, I was a middle school student.
I was walking in the school field before class started.
I saw this horse the size of a medium-sized dog.
It was running pretty fast, but I felt like I could catch it, so I did. I wished I had a rope.
I saw this angry man, who wanted to take the horse away from me.
Maybe it was his horse to begin with. I don't know.
But I picked up the horse and ran away, until I found a hole in the fence.

I ran through many woods and backyards and holes in fences.
Eventually I came back to the school. The class had started, but I knew I could hide inside.
I woke up wondering how I could hide a 30lb horse in a classroom.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Lazy Days, Youtube

I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING on my day off which meant I made a few bracelets while watching TV.

I enjoyed seeing this relaxing video today on YouTube. "The most satisfying video in the world."
Lots of machines, things moving smoothly, and Rube Goldberg devices.

If you click on Show More it has a link to all the full videos.

Here is one of the links, somebody built a kind of machine just to run marbles through it for fun.
Like the way some people make model train sets.

The other day I wondered how they got sand in an hourglass, and I found this pretty and also relaxing video about fine quality hourglasses.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tet celebration

Today at the church the Vietnamese community celebrated the Lunar New Year with music and dragon dancers.

A few years ago there was one or two dragons, and now there are 5.

The young men in the costumes (there are 2 in each dragon) practice all year and they do some great stunts, like standing on each others shoulders, and climbing a tall pole that spins around.


It is nice to have culture at my doorstep, since I can't ever seem to get away.

I made another collage about dreams.
In this dream, I had a boyfriend and he was wearing a maroon colored dress shirt and black pants.
I was supposed to pick out a dress to wear to an event with him.
I wanted to wear a maroon colored dress, but he disagreed. "Then we'll look like a bunch of Goths."
He pulled out a striped shirt and said I needed to match that shirt.

I didn't know which stripe I was supposed to match.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Yesterday I went to Home Depot to get some wood to finish a project I started years ago.
It is a very simple project and a lot of people like it.

I have a lot of nail polish and I came up with this idea to make a shelf that is exactly the width of a bottle of nail polish.
All it is, is pieces of crown molding, (which is the kind of wood that goes around a door for instance.)

It is about 1" wide. It already comes primered in white so all you have to do is cut it and screw it to the wall.

I had time to make a few collages today at work, to the chagrin of my "bosses."

These collages are based on dreams I had.
I always get the best (and creepiest) inspiration from dreams!

In one dream my cat fell into a machine and got ground up and died.
Why did I have a meat grinder the size of the stove in my house, anyway?
I was really sad, but in the dream I said "I never liked her anyway."

In another dream, I had to write a letter or a postcard.
It was a picture of a tropical island. In the dream I knew the name.
I couldn't write down the address correctly.
It was just a string of letters put together, like German or Swedish.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

dreams about fences and horses

Today at home I drew a picture of a face (from a cosmetics ad).
It was slightly less crooked than the last face I made.

I made a collage about a dream I had.

I was riding in a car on a road next to a big pasture with a black horse.
The horse was running alongside the car.
There was an impossibly tall fence, and I thought the horse would stop, but it easily jumped over the fence and kept following the car.

The horse kept jumping these tall fences as we drove along. Maybe 12 feet tall.
I noticed the horse now had a rider.
I was impressed by how well the horse could jump, but I thought she was being reckless by making the horse jump so high.

Inevitably the horse jumped so high it tripped and fell.
Even worse, there was cement on the other side.
I'm not going to get into details, but it was gruesome.
"Why do people do that?" asked the other person in the car with me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another busy Tuesday

Today I started a collage at home and brought it to work to finish...

While looking through some paper to tear up, I got a jewelry inspiration.

At work, the resident student (who is also gardener) planted some bulbs and gave me one in a pot to put on my desk!
At first I thought maybe they were paperwhites, but I think they are white hyacinth. They smell nice.

I drew this with mostly watercolor pencil.
When I turned back the page to work on my collage from the morning, the page had gotten wet and the paper got wrinkled.

The collage was about a dream I had.

I was walking along the river, and there was also a lady walking her dog several paces behind me.
Occasionally I would come to a gate, but every time I went to unlatch the gate, the whole gate would fall down in front of me.

It didn't matter, because I was still able to continue on my way.

It was dark and creepy, and I felt like somebody was following us (not the lady)

Eventually the lady said, "maybe I should be closing the gates behind us."
I realized that we had been leaving the gates open for whatever it was to follow behind...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy Monday

Today I was rushed for time.
I did a lot of things, but I left my sketchbook at home and also didn't have time to download photos from my camera.

However I did manage to sneak in one collage while I was at work.

Over the weekend I dreamed I won a keyboard in a raffle.
When I was younger I had one of those keyboards that could play "100 different instruments and 100 different rhythms."
This keyboard in the dream was kind of like that.
You could plug in a song, like from your ipod, and then press a button and the computer would mix the song in the style of many different DJ's.

I had a lot of fun with that dream.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Yesterday I went to Walmart after work, because that's all that was open.

I found a metal cutting tool. I've seen these at the mechanic shop of my friend.
I didn't know they were called aircraft snips.
They work like garden shears.
They are less heavy than the old tin snips.


This morning I hammered on some wires and made some earrings.
I re-made the pendant that fell apart yesterday.

I put all the tools away again because I was getting burned out on jewelry.

I drew some fruit on my desk at work with watercolor pencil.
I brought medium and glitter to work, and mixed that into it.