Saturday, January 16, 2016


Today I actually remembered my dreams and even had time to paint them.

I dreamed my cat was sick. She was jumping all around and making strange noises.
(The kids next door were just being noisy.)

I dreamed that a big tree fell down next to a building at the church.
No one was hurt.
People said it sounded like thunder, and felt like an earthquake, when it fell.

But I missed all the excitement, because I was busy looking for the key to Room 1, that has been missing all week.
In the dream and in real life, the key had returned to its place!

Up in the sky I saw a jet airliner travelling fast. I seemed to be watching it on TV.
They were saying it came from Syria and it was either going to crash or be shot down.

I watched as many fighter jets appeared and tried to shoot it down, to no avail.

The jets flew all over the sky and eventually took the battle towards the sea, where I hoped perhaps they would crash without hurting any innocent people.

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