Saturday, December 26, 2015


I was able to draw some things at home during my two days off.

I dreamed about playing a video game, but I don't own any video games...
It took place in space. Soon I was riding in the spaceship.
When I looked out the window I realized we were not in space anymore, but driving down the street to a beach I recognized.

I made the sky with colored ink, which is slightly different than acrylic paint or watercolor.
The bottom part is markers and the stars are Gelly Roll pens.
I think I will try this again. The paper isn't the best quality for this kind of paint.

I cleaned my room and found some neon oil pastels. I made some faces with those, (and paint.)

The faces were not supposed to be realistic, but now that I scanned them and pasted them, they look weirder than I expected.

I made this one with the leftover paint. I like it the best!

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