Thursday, November 12, 2015

stained glass

Today I did something different. (At home.)

Ever since we switched to energy saving light bulbs, the glass cover on the ceiling light in my room didn't fit.

I didn't want to buy a glass cover at Home Depot. I wanted to make something myself, cheaply.
(Once time, I bought a large plastic salad bowl at the 99c store, but it wasn't big enough to cover the light bulbs.)
Here is the old glass cover that doesn't fit anymore.

Today I had the idea to use a flat piece of plexi-glass, and paint it to look like stained glass.
(There are scraps laying around because we used it for a window, or used it to frame posters.)

Next I printed out a pattern, just any pattern, in the size of the plastic. 17"
I didn't know if it was going to work, or what it would look like in the end.
I had never even tried to make a "stained glass" window ornament craft before!
I just wanted to do it in one day.

Then I used black acrylic paint to trace the lines to look like "lead."

I've seen special products for painting faux stained glass windows, but I didn't want to make a trip to the store.

I did however, have some special paint for painting glass.
A few years ago, I used this paint to touch up a little desk ornament.
I had only red, yellow and blue color.
Luckily it wasn't dried out.

The result was much better than I expected.
It was hard to draw the black lines evenly, and I couldn't seem to find the right brush.
But it was easy, just tracing and coloring.
I want to try this again, with better colors and a trickier pattern!

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