Saturday, November 21, 2015

Class at Catalyst

Today I took a class at Catalyst, which is the art studio connected to Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster:

The class, Spray Paint Acrylic and Collage, was taught by artist Jacki Long.
I took some of her journal and mixed-media classes during the summer and it inspired me to have more fun, make more collages, and to start a blog of my own!
You can see her blog here:

I actually drew this from my head!

We were supposed to incorporate spray paint into our work, but I covered most of it up...
I made another picture on a canvas, but I didn't take a picture of it to post yet.

You can see more pictures of the great stuff everyone else made, on Jacki's blog.
She will be giving another class similar to this one, in December.


  1. Hi Julie, Met you yesterday at Catalyst - the photo of your art doesn't do it justice, it's really much more vibrant. By the way, it's Gelli Arts (note the spelling). Mickey

  2. Cool Thank you for the comment.
    I remember sitting across the table from you!