Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Work in progress

The other day somebody asked me to do a tutorial video, but I haven't learned to do that yet.
So today while I was drawing the flowers on my desk, I saved pictures of the progress.
Today I actually took a picture of the flowers to show you, but I usually just work from life when I do flowers.

First I started with a drawing in watercolor pencil.

Next I filled in the background with scribbles in water-soluble crayon (stabile)

Then I put some acrylic paint on top of the scribbles.
(Sometimes I just add water and blend the background. )
Today I think I put too much acrylic, and covered the scribbles too much.
Also it depends on the paper, the sketchbook I have now has thin paper which works with acrylic but washes just bleed through.

Finally I colored in the flowers, using some acrylic wash.
The paint I brought to the office (in the purple box on my desk) wasn't the right shade of pink, so I used a pink highlighter.

I usually don't take a photo of the flowers, so when they're gone, its done!
But today I did take a photo and I'm looking at it and I see the roses were a little more yellow in the middle...
I did this throughout the day at work today while I answered phones, made copies, etc.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I work!

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