Sunday, September 2, 2018

Staying organized.

Once again, I let 2 weeks go by without blogging.

I made some collage and acrylic art in my journal,

( but I didn't make it to Jacki's classes.)

I haven't gone anywhere or taken any photos.

I'd like to go someplace on Labor Day, but I have a lot of cleaning to do.

The Green car still runs, but something still isn't right.

Mostly it gets parked.

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite YouTube bloggers shared an organizational video.

Safiya Nygaard is a wacky make-up and fashion vlogger.

She is famous, and makes money from her blog, and was able to hire professional organizers.

Here is a link to her YouTube video:

I liked the way they organized her lipsticks and eyeliners into trays.

I probably have just as many art supplies as she has cosmetics!

It is hard to keep things organized.

My beads are already organized mostly by color, but they are just beads.

I already have a lot of plastic shelving.

I really dislike plastic for decorating purposes, but I have found that if I can't see my art supplies, I won't use them.

Before we remodeled the house in January, I mostly had the pencils, markers and things spread out on my drafting desk, upright and in pencil cups.

When we had to move all the furniture, I threw everything into drawers like this:

This drawer had only red, orange and pink things!

Another drawer had blue and green, one had yellow and brown, and one whole drawer was just black things.

I bought some inexpensive trays at the dollar store and Walmart.

I spread everything out into the floor like this:

I sorted everything into their own kind: Felt pens, ball point pens, watercolor pencils, brush markers, etc.

Some things went into their appropriate drawers:

My original plan was to stack the trays inside the drawers.

Instead I stacked them on top of the drawers, where I can see and reach them easily.

Eventually I still might put everything into the drawers where they belong.

For now the drawers I emptied, got filled with other clutter.

I also de-cluttered my desk at work.

All of this junk was in a container that rested against the cubicle wall behind my monitor.

I got rid of the big container and only kept the things that go on the desktop.

The rest would sit in a pencil cup.

I really didn't need five highlighters...

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  1. I so admire you doing this, I think about it, but if I wait it will pass. Yes, we missed you in class! I think you would have liked the book project.