Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Harvesting pearl... buttons

Happy August!

It's a new month, and maybe this month I will blog more than once a week!

Did you know, if you put a bunch of buttons into a shoe box, they multiply?

Yesterday, I thought about making crafts with buttons.

Maybe some more earrings.

I took out my shoe box of random buttons, and began to sort through them.

These mother-of-pearl buttons caught my eye.

The more I sorted through the pile, the more I found.

I don't remember buying them.

Maybe I forgot?

Maybe they were Mom's.

Pretty soon I had a huge pile of summery, pearly, buttons that I had never seen before!

I had more than I would need for just earrings.

I looked up a tutorial on how to string buttons, to make a necklace.

I found instructions for the kind of necklace I wanted to make, on this blog:

It was interesting to check out her blog, too.

It is nice to see what other people are doing.

I have rarely tried to knot pearls or cord before.

It takes more concentration than connecting wire loops.

But there was no other way to make the buttons lie flat like I wanted.

I found some cord in another box.

It was all too thick to string into any buttons.

After work, I went to Michael's and bought some thinner cord from the same material.

Even this was rather thick, (but I was using the tiniest of the buttons.)

The cord only went through the holes once, but it is supposed to go through the holes twice in a sort of figure eight pattern.

I knotted it like it was, and I was not completely happy with the result.

I anticipated the cord wouldn't fit, so I also picked up some very thick thread.

I have regular sewing thread at home, but this is for upholstery.

I never noticed, because I don't do much things with thread, that Michael's does not have a good assortment of thread in the sewing department, or bead stringing material in the bead area.

I ran out of steam, and didn't really get farther than this:

I think this thread will work much better.

If I have time before work today, I will try a slightly different idea I saw on Pinterest.

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  1. I love watching your projects, and the button photos are terrific!