Saturday, July 14, 2018

I didn't do the things I meant to do this week

Uh oh, I forgot to blog again!

This week, I felt I didn't do much anything exciting or artistic.

But looking through my camera roll, I really did do something this week.

I did photograph the cat, who managed to sum up the week in one picture.

Last Sunday I went to the Huntington beach pier.

I can't believe the week has gone by, and I didn't post anything.

There were a lot of people, which made me feel OK, because I felt like I could blend in.

The wind spinners at the kite shop always provide an interesting photo.

The sunset is always good at the pier, but I prefer a pastel colored sunset.

I mostly just needed to go for a walk.

This week, I was also determined to draw some koi fish from a photo.

I sketched them in water color pencil, on water color paper.

I painted the water.

The water was green, so I went with it.

I decided not to paint the black patches, on the one fish.

I added a little more details, like the eyes and scales

I realized that my koi are orange instead of deep red, and not very evenly patched.

After trying to draw them, I realize why a deep red and white patched koi is so prized.

One day, I tried to make some earrings based on the amazing ones I saw at the Sawdust Festival.

I only came up with this, all week:

Too overwhelmed with ideas, I guess.

This week, I also took out a pen and ink, to draw in my sketchbook.

The look is so random and different, I'll put it in another post...


  1. It seems to me you did a lot! Hard to be energetic in the heat, at least for me. I REALLY like your koi, the water and the colors are great! I think you're a wee bit hard on yourself Miss Julie! ;o)