Monday, June 11, 2018

Not much to blog about

I noticed I have not blogged lately.

Things have been pretty busy, and the weather is hot, so I have not been working on my car.

The Jacaranda trees in the neighborhood are almost through with blooming.

Although the one in front of my house still has quite a few blossoms.

They lose all their leaves before they bloom, so the leaves are now growing in.

Don helped me remove the stereo so that I can get the carpet around it.

It was trickier than I thought.

I plugged it back in so that I could still have music when I drive.

However, I will need to remove the seats again to re-adjust the carpet.

I've been working in my small journal, the one from Jacki's class.

I've only got about a dozen pages left, before it is filled!

There is a lot to write about.

Things at the church office have been interesting, to say the least...

The parish carnival is this weekend, too.

I draw a little in my journal too, almost every day.

I've also been adding little bits to pages I started before.

Mostly it is a scrap book.

I paste in pictures and quotes, that have meaning with how I feel that day.

I have a lot of scrap material, and I am trying to reduce it.

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