Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kitchen almost done... Spring Cleaning

Sorry about not updating... It's been a crazy week.

Early in the week, the appliances were installed in the kitchen.

The refrigerator and stove are now no longer in the middle of the living room!

Dad and I spent all week putting things away in the cabinets.

(The new kitchen is now a mess, so I didn't take any pictures.)

Also, the workers replaced the old pipes throughout the house.

Most of the pipes were removed through the attic, but they did make quite a few holes, for instance in the walls by the water heater, and the back bathroom.

These holes will be patched up after another inspection.

They installed a shower knob that goes, from left to right:

Boiling Hot(left), OFF (straight up), Freezing cold (right), and Tepid (down).

I hate it! The tepid setting is not hot enough to take a proper shower.

Either they installed it upside down or it's some kind of safety feature?

Also the new dishwasher doesn't drain properly.

Hopefully these problems will be resolved before they leave.

Dad decided to extend the loan a few more years.

We are removing the cruddy carpet and popcorn ceiling, and repainting the walls, and installing laminate floors!

Starting now!

I was upset for awhile about the extra cost, and especially having to empty my rooms NOW.

However, this will be the last of the renovations the house will need for a long time.

Also, the spare bedroom where I used to draw and make things had become a horrible hoard of junk.

I hope I will be inspired once I throw out alot of junk, and start over new.

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  1. They say once you start renovation it shows up what else needs doing? I'm sure it will be great once you're done. In the meantime, it's another exercise in patience?