Saturday, December 2, 2017

Car Show

This weekend was a very special car show.
It was for 80's and 90's cars only!
At last, a show for our cars!

(This is the first time I've heard of it, but they held one in June also.)

It was held at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, (on the grounds outside at least, and in the beer tent.)

There were about 200 cars, food and beer, and a DJ, and a BMX show.

Everyone was encouraged to dress in 80's attire.

There were a lot of Don Johnson clones, and a lot of hipsters trying hard to imagine the 80's.

I wore a flannel and jeans and some LA Gear sneakers, and it was very warm!

It was about 75 degrees today.

I regretted not fixing the interior of my green car in time to enter, (NOT PICTURED ABOVE)
but I still had a whole lot of fun.

I thought about putting the red car, in too, but it has a lot tiny stone chips on the front.

I would have had to spend all day with a red crayon, filling them in, and I didn't have the energy.

I also thought there would be a lot of Ferrari's and Porsche's, because most of the 80's themed car shows that I've been to, only want the exotics.

There were Ferrari's and Porsche's, but not a majority.

There was all kinds of everything, and even some cars with a little wear and tear.

This 1980 Nissan Z definitely didn't have any wear and tear!

The Z cars are my second favorite car, besides Firebirds.

I saw a lot of my friends there and everyone said I should have entered...

Well, there were a lot of other red Firebirds, too, so they didn't miss just one.

My friend Alex (who has at least 4 or 5 cars)  entered this Firebird and a Camaro.

It was the only Camaro in an 80's themed car show! I couldn't believe it.

I had to leave early and go to work, but I hope he won a prize.

This is Steve's car, he recently had it painted.

Next time I hear about this show, I'll sign up right away for either one of my cars.

If the next one is in June that would give me time to fix up the green car a little more...

It was cool that I knew almost everyone there, who had a Firebird.

It was a little weird that our cars are finally classics.

And that our generation is getting old now.

Stuck to the towel dispenser in the women's restroom:

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