Saturday, October 21, 2017

Short trip with the 3rd Gens

There was a meet-up and lunch today with people who have similar cars as mine.
It was organized by Kevin, who is the son of Don the mechanic.
I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile!
Also some people I saw at the picnic this summer.

We met at Canyon high school in Anaheim, drove up Santiago Canyon road, and stopped at Fuddruckers on El Toro road for burgers.

I expected to see a lot of fire damage, but most of the damage was back and east of there.

It was a nice drive and not a lot of traffic.

Here are some pictures, (of the high school parking lot because I was  busy driving during the scenic part...)

There were 8 or 9 cars. 

Camaros outnumbered the Firebirds, stick outnumbered automatics this time. 

(The pictures are a bit smaller because I am going to share them in the car forum.)

The green car is still completely undone inside- wires every where and no interior door panels, so I brought out the red car.

Polishing a car (and its rims) is a good workout!

Red car was happy to get some TLC this weekend.

The green car will have its day in the sun soon.

Meanwhile I enjoyed other friends cars, some who have also recently been restored.

The best thing I like about the group I hang out with is that we all drive our cars regularly.

They all have a little wear and tear...but they are too fun to drive, to leave them in a garage.

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