Friday, August 4, 2017

The world turns and everything is new again.

Time has been passing very slowly.

It's hot, and I don't want to go outside.

I haven't been drawing much, just some grumpy scribbles in my journal...

I only had like 5 photos in my phone for the whole week!

This is our new pastor's first week at out church.
Our previous pastor was there for 12 years.

There is a lot of excitement going on in the office, about the transition.

I've been there for 20 years, and I really don't have much of an opinion yet.

The new pastor bought the office a Keurig machine yesterday, which was nice.
The old pastor didn't drink coffee at all!

We have a big coffee maker, but only one or two regular coffee drinkers, (myself being one) so this is much more efficient.
I used to buy instant coffee, because it was easier than brewing a huge pot that got wasted and then had to be cleaned.

We still don't have air conditioning, though.
It was 85 degrees inside the office yesterday.

Maybe this will be the year we get air conditioning.

It's only been a week.

I'll be turning 40 in less than a week!

I ended up making no birthday plans.
I thought of going to a casino with friends, but organizing it was too much work.

I'm glad I didn't make big plans, because my cars are taking up all my time and money!
They will be my birthday present to myself, I guess.

The green car is sure to be done TODAY.
No, really!
I've been talking to the painter and I can't think of anything else it needs!

I just had a dream that it was done, but it was terrible.

It was dull and painted the old nasty green again, and it wasn't even one solid color, this time it was all patchy.

The old nasty green:

I know it can't be as bad as my nightmare, though, because I go and see it all the time!

I received all the parts I need for the big brake upgrade for the red car.
And clutch parts.
And windshield wipers, they were only $1.25 each...

The rims I bought for the red car should also be back from getting polished any day now too, too.

Don will be going on vacation at the end of next week though.
He is still working on KITT, too, and his back has not been cooperating.

I will need to have the green car to drive, in order to leave the red car there for the brake work.

I was hoping to have them both done in time for my birthday, but it doesn't look that way...


  1. Really? Are you in the green car?
    Hpw about a birthday collage? ♥

  2. How about close ups of parts of your green car> ♥