Saturday, August 5, 2017

It's not done yet.

I don't have the green car!
I went to see it. I didn't take pictures.
It looks nice.

It's even shinier than before, and definitely not patchy.

It needs more polishing.
The painter showed me two more polishing compounds to go.

It's going to shine like glass.

The rubber door bumper strips weren't painted yet, or on the car yet!

The place where you insert the key needs to be painted (matte black.)

Also that one headlight cover is still completely dull.

The guy doing the window weather seal won't be in town to do that until Monday.
(Before, when the painter said the car would be done TODAY, we discussed my taking the car home and having the window sealed at my house, but I don't think it would be a good idea to drive the car home without the weather stripping.)

So now the new date for taking it home is Monday evening, (but only if he works on it all weekend.)

I am surprised at how calm I am.
I gradually get more worried, but then I go to see the car, and I know everything will turn out OK.

I would still take other work to him, just not entire cars!

We discussed the price today and it won't be any more than he said it would be.
That was a big relief too.

If it isn't done by my birthday next week, though, I will be a little sad.

I will take lots and lots of pictures as soon as it is done.

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  1. The end is in sight and I so admire your patience!Hang in! ♥