Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The past week seemed to crawl by very slowly.

The office isn't air conditioned.  Luckily work has been slow.

I don't feel like driving very far with the squeaky brake on the red car, and the hot weather discourages me from walking.

I really wanted to go to the beach this week! There were some sunsets I know I missed.

This week, I looked at jewelry for sale at trendy websites, and got some ideas.

I turned these beads into these earrings:

I feel like I already made them, before.

I found a bag of rounded glass pebbles (for putting into vases,) for $1 at CVS.

I liked them because they are not flat on one side like most of those kind of pebbles.

They are not perfectly round like marbles either.

This was the only color I found.

I tried to wrap a wire round one to make a pendant.

I didn't follow a tutorial, but I saw a similar pendant at Michael's.

I didn't like how it turned out. Maybe next time.

Today was my day off for the week, so this is my weekend.

I was unhappily unable to contact Don the mechanic about my brakes.

I spent some time today drawing faces.

I'm always happy when I find time to draw!

I copied some random faces from a fashion magazine.
(The first few pages of many magazines are annoying ads for cosmetics, with big faces.)

I drew it like usual, with a watercolor crayon, and then erased it with a watercolor wash.

Then I decided to go back over it again with more watercolor crayon.

I didn't start out with a proportional face, so it ended up interesting but weird.

Drawing over again with the crayon was a different look so I tried again.

I tried to make the next drawing more in proportion.

I used a sparkly crayon which has a neat effect I like.

After I covered the drawing with watercolor:

Then I went back over it again and added details in watercolor crayon:

This is definitely how I'm feeling today!

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  1. I agree, the heat is a killer. Did you notice your jewelry & face were in the same color range? I think we do that, have certain days with certain colors? Good luck with your cars.