Thursday, June 8, 2017

Visit with Green Car

I had another nightmare that one of my cars was stolen
"because I left the windows down."
My Dad was telling me about it, but I couldn't understand what he was saying.

I dream about losing my cars in various ways, all the time.
Theft. Meteorites. Sinkholes. Spontaneous combustion.
(Except when Mom was sick, then it was awful things about Mom.)

But now it's back to losing the cars.

I have been super busy at the church. The carnival is next weekend!

Also one of mom's friends passed away recently.
I was on the unofficial reception party detail.
It went well, but there wasn't much time left over to feel creative.

Today was my day off.
I called Roberto, and he said its not done yet but come over and look at the Green Car.
I was nervous but I went.

The color turned out nicely. At least we have cleared that hurdle.

Ten years ago, I had the original green car repainted and they messed up.
It was super shiny, but Waste Management or Army green.

Now it is definitely the right original color.

It was covered in rubbing compound, (alot of white powder) so I couldn't really see any defects.
I trust he knows what he's doing though.
I did ask about that patch on the lower door above.

He has polished one corner of it, (the Sail Panel) really nicely.

He says the rest of it should be done by Sunday (which probably means the Sunday after this one!)

Picturing myself trying to polish it to perfection, even with buffing machines, it must take hours and hours.
I didn't complain about anything or the time it is taking...

While I was in the area I visited Don the mechanic and ordered a clutch for the Red Car.
Clutch parts cost about $80, for a stock transmission.

[If I had a stick shift in the Green Car, which has a powerful 5.7 liter 350 set up for racing, a heavy duty clutch kit costs around $1000.
The Green Car currently has an automatic shifter from a 4th generation (early 2000's) which has computerized options and cost me about $1200 from a freind.]

On Don's desk I spied this epic set of drill bits from another project:

I said, if "I had a set of something like that, they would never be in their place."

Don said "But the slots are labeled?"

I'm just not an organized person!

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  1. I love hearing about your cars,
    and am especially attached to the green. ;o)