Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Monday I called a few of my car friends.
The red car's brake pads are really squeaking now.

Don said to call another friend, Lon, who sells replacement parts for convertibles.
I asked Lon to look for some brakes from a 2000's car, and also a sun visor.
A pair of sun visors costs $100 from the regular parts warehouse!

He would see what he could do.

If I had the green car back, I could park the red car until I got the bigger wheels, and the brake upgrade and clutch was assembled...

I called Roberto the painter again about the green car.

He mumbled something about having trouble finding parts.
I will have to see what he means when I see him.

But in the end he said, "The car will be ready tomorrow afternoon."

I don't know what to think!

It didn't look ready when I saw it a few weeks ago...
It didn't sound like he worked on it, at all last week.

I will be happy if it is somewhat ready by the 15th.
The annual '82-'92 Camaro and Firebird (and friends) picnic is on July 15th.

There will be a lot of dust and powder all over to clean up.
Also I have the carpet to re-upholster the interior, which is next on the list.
Rumor has it that a friend of mine from the car club recently had his car painted, and I heard the paint shop had it for a year...

Here is the original green car right after I bought it in 2001.

I thought it was awesome in my memory, but every time I see the old pictures, I don't think it will ever be this dark and shiny again.

But, we can't be young again ourselves either, right?

Around 2006 or 2007 the paint flaked off, and I had it repainted.

Here is the same car after I wrecked it two years ago.
It shows the paint job I didn't like, from 1 day Paint and Body.

The paint was very shiny and well applied, but way too bright green.

(I can't show the whole picture, because the carnage is too awful to look at, even now.)

Here is a nice Camaro I saw two years ago at a show in San Diego.

I would be happy enough if my car will be close to this color and shine:

Here is the current green car right when I bought it 2 years ago.

The paint on it was so dry, when the seller rinsed it off with a hose, the runoff was etched into the paint!

Anything will be an improvement on this!

Now I am having doubts.
Was it dark enough? It looked right the last time I went to see it.
It wasn't shiny at all, yet.

I'm nervous and I want it to be done!

I think he really means it will be done tomorrow...

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  1. Wow! A long wait and a big transformation.
    Crossing appendages for you! ♥