Thursday, June 22, 2017

This week in June.

I'm finally recovered from my cold and the church carnival.
I didn't take as many pictures as I'd like. I think I took five photos total.

However the school's Facebook page has hundreds of pictures!

One of the church ladies said that she used to make jewelry but got bored with it, and one of these days she is going to give me her beads and stuff.

Earlier this week, I saw this neat idea for a necklace on the internet.
I thought of her and made a necklace, which I hope to give her in exchange for the bead supplies.

I didn't have big piece of dichroic glass to use as the center piece.
I used a large metal fish bead.

I also didn't have all that many green beads, but I did have a variety of aqua beads.

I started with one half and then did the other.

Here is the result:

(The lighting in my room is not very good. I tried to fix the exposure in Photoshop.)

Wednesday was my day off.

Sam needed his rabies shot, so we did that.
As usual he sat in a chair instead of the floor, and tried to be the center of attention.

Weds. I also caught up with Don and the car painter, having heard nothing from them in 10 days.

I was very disappointed to hear that Don had not ordered my clutch parts, yet.
The clutch is doing OK, for now, it seems to like the heat, and doesn't get stuck much.
However my brake pads are getting noisy.
I don't want to buy brake pads yet, because I plan to get bigger brakes soon, but Don hadn't found the upgraded brake parts I need yet, either.

The painter said he was working on another project right now, but my car would be all back together by Saturday...
It was all very disappointing

Finally, I found an interesting story on the internet about drawing a circle.
Apparently people from different cultures draw their circles clockwise or counterclockwise.

I followed a link on that page to something called QuickDrawWithGoogle.

This "game" was the way the people in the article gathered the data for the story.
It invites you to do a quick sketch with your mouse, and an Artificial Intelligence tries to guess what you are drawing.

It was a good waste of time...
I guess that counts as doing some drawing?

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  1. I think you necklace is beautiful! I bet your friend will be thrilled!
    Your patience with your cars is admirable!
    And I am going to go try the google draw, since I do have other work I should be doing. So there. ;o)