Friday, June 30, 2017

Taking walks

Today and yesterday, I got up early and walked the dog to the park a few blocks away.

I'll be turning 40 in a couple weeks, and I want to be at least in better shape, then.

One thing I noticed right away was that a huge pine tree had been cut down.

I wonder what happened to it?

The park is connected to a school, and along one side there is a storm channel.
In order to walk all the way around the park and school, I used to have to crawl through holes in a fence.

I remember reading in the newspaper how the city finally created a bike trail there.

The article is dated June 2016 , so I know I haven't walked since then!

I had forgotten all about the new trail.

It was really nice of the city to put this in place:

Maybe they got tired of seeing grown-ups trying to squeeze through kid-sized holes in the fence.

There were a lot of things planted along the trail.

One thing I saw were butterfly bushes, doing much better than plant I have at home.

Bugs really like this plant!

I also found a morning glory.

At home I made a few things in my sketchbook.

I made a grid.

I filled in the squares with stuff.

I dreamed I was in a chase scene, like a James Bond Movie.

I was in a speedboat on the coast of France, but it didn't look like France.

Later, I drove my red car very fast through a European city, and ended up at a gift shop where I was very picky about getting a present for Mom.

It was a little hand-held electronic slot machine.

Mom always wanted to go to Vegas.
I think she got married there, but I can't remember her ever taking the time to go.

Later today I am going to Anaheim to visit my mechanic and the painter, and see what's up.


  1. A lot of adventures. Your grid gave me an idea: it's a mission for you ti accept or not. Draw one of your faces, larger than usual, almost page size. Use any medium. Tear it up, odd pieces, then fit all of it into a grid in a random order. Show the outcome. ;o) Not really mission impossible, but that's the music I'm thinking! ;o)

  2. That's a cool idea Jacki!
    Thanks for being so supportive.
    I'll try it next.