Friday, June 2, 2017


Today the city trimmed the jacaranda trees in the neighborhood.

The trees are almost done dropping their flowers, anyway.

I'm glad, because I don't want sticky sap to fall on my newly painted car!

I haven't called the painter yet, but it should be done any day, now...
I'm very nervous.
I've been dreaming about my car (but the red one) a lot lately.

Yesterday, I bought a few beads and buttons at Jo-Ann's.

At home, while I was looking for a ring shape to glue a button to,
I found two other rings.

The one on the right is a ring I didn't make, but inspires me because I think I could copy it easily.

The other one is a ring shape that came in a package of ring forms.
It is ready-made with loops for beads.

I tried to find a tutorial online, but I couldn't find the word to describe the kind of ring.

I found pictures of other kinds of wrapped wire rings that were also very inspiring...

So I just got a piece of wire and started wrapping it around the ring.

I ended up making a mess, so I cut that wire off and started over.

This time I tried to keep it neater and stuck to a cris-cross pattern.

I don't think I used the pre-made loops the way I was supposed to!

It's been a while since I tried making a ring.
Next time I'll start with a better plan.

The ring ended up crazy looking, but I really like the emerald color.

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  1. Mis - steps don't matter.
    They get you to the next step.
    I like how you go for it!
    Curious how a whole bunch of random beads might look?