Sunday, June 11, 2017

June gloom.

I was very inspired by the nice self-portrait I made last week, but this week, I seemed to be too busy to paint.

There was a deadline change for the church newsletter, because the printers are going on vacation, and other things stressed me out.
Now I have caught the cold going around the office!

With some rest, I should be feeling better in time for the church carnival next weekend.

I'll take a clue from the animals and chill out.

This week, I did look up some tutorials on line on how to make a ring with wire.

I came up with a couple rings, none of which I like enough to wear.

These two are the same design but with different colored metal.
I followed this tutorial:

I liked the aluminum one better.

This was a different design:

I didn't actually have the website in front of me while I was making it, so it ended up a little wonky.

The next one will be better.
I haven't put away this batch of ideas, yet.

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