Monday, May 29, 2017

This week I made earrings.

I really enjoyed my day off today.
Sam has a day off, every day:

On Saturday I started missing my Green Car again.

How could I cruise around on Memorial Day without my best car?
(the local Camaro / Firebird club didn't have any events)

I called the painter and he said, "the car has been painted, (except for one part.) It turned out very nice. He just has to put the car back together again, and it should be done by Wednesday."

I'll be happy if it's ready by Friday...
We'll see.

Meanwhile the clutch in the Red Car is on its last legs.

On Wednesday I got my roots dyed.
It has been about a year since I have seen my stylist.
She was once my next door neighbor, so it was mostly to catch up on things.

The clouds were amazing that day.

During the week I also made lots of earrings, enough to last me all summer long.

(Sorry about the dark pictures I took from my desk lamp, but my dinner is burning, and I don't have time to brighten them up in Photoshop)

These were some I did on Thursday or Friday:

I was really pleased with this idea that I came up with mostly on my own,
putting a bead in the middle of a silver colored loop:

I think I will make it in all different colors.

Today I saw this idea in an Elle magazine:

Somehow I ended up with this:

Kind of ironic because the idea was about the color contrast.

Somehow I always try to make things match...

I tried to make it in pink:

Then I started to think the color was progressing toward purple...
So the last bead should be purple, right?

Then I didn't have a medium-purple bead to go in the ring.

I was starting to over think everything, so I put it away for another day.

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  1. I think Sam has it good!
    Great earrings & photos!
    Take good care, Julie! ♥