Thursday, May 4, 2017


One Sunday about 10 days ago, my sister and I went Mass at the Christ Cathedral.
It was a big deal when the catholic church bought the former Crystal Cathedral property.

My sister hadn't seen it yet.

We bumped into a tour group and followed them around.

The tour group was allowed into the glass building, which was an unusual treat.
It is usually closed for repairs, and won't be used for Mass for another year and a half.

I have been in there a few times and it is always awe inspiring.

The brown wooden thing is where the pipes from the giant pipe organ will go.

They are going to cover the windows on the inside with some kind of flower-like panels, to adjust the light and temperature...

The tour guides handed out Sharpie markers.

Everyone was encouraged to write a message on the cement foundation.

The floor will eventually be covered, with carpet or tile.

I wrote a tribute to Mom.

It is just where she would want to be!

I had two weeks off from work for bereavement.

One of the things I did with my time off was paint the bathroom.

It used to be a light aqua color, and I repainted it a grayish teal.

These are some of the color samples, that I pasted into my journal:

To replace some boring white shelves, I looked around, and bought this unique cabinet at Hobby Lobby.

It's much smaller than the shelves that were there before.

(I did that on purpose, so I would get rid of stuff I didn't use.)

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  1. Thanks for posting Julie, it gives me a feel for how you are doing.You've had so much for so long, this is a new time.Take care.♥